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Norwegian Maritime Authority's preliminary assessment concluded

Written by:

Felipe Lima.

Published at: useatechnologies.com

Date: 13.01.23

USEA receives recognition from Norwegian Maritime Authority that our USV is safe to operate without a crew from day 1.

On the first week of 2023, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA/Sjøfartsdirektoratet) issued a statement confirming that USEA's unmanned surface vessel is feasible and no "showstoppers" were identified. This assessment is the conclusion of a thorough process that started in 2021, when USEA submitted the first set of design and operational documents. During more than a year, NMA analysed systematically every aspect of our USV's design and operation, in the light of all applicable national and international regulations, and USEA supported them with all clarifications needed.

Now the project is formally cleared to proceed to shipbuilding phase. This is a huge milestone for us at USEA Ocean Data, and an important proof that fully uncrewed offshore operation from day 1 is achievable. We would like to give a big thank you to our partner Salt Ship Design for the excellent collaboration in the design of the vessel.

All vessels with full offshore capabilities operating at sea today, operate with a crew. Our pre-approved, unique USV of 24m length, and our fully automated uLARS system for operating autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), will revolutionise the collection of data from the seabed – without risk to crew.

In simple words: with USEAs unmanned vessels, data collection from the seabed will be cheaper, safer, and cleaner. This is a task that the whole subsea survey industry is trying to solve. That is why we are so excited that we can be pioneers in the field.

Hard work has given results, as this important technical recognition from NMA has improved the potential that now will be realised together with our important partners.

Together we will pioneer the work of mapping the depths - ensuring sustainable growth in the blue economy, ensuring that the blue planet remains sustainable.