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About us

Safer, cheaper & cleaner

By using the USEA technology, collection of data from the worlds oceans can be done in a cheaper, cleaner, faster and more secure manner. Without risk to crew. Without harming marine life. And by dramatically cutting emissions in the process.

The green shift requires technology that enables sustainable solutions for subsea operations. Today's traditional methods of collecting data for subsea operations are time consuming, they endanger crews and pollute the marine environment. USEAs unique technology will provide data and critical knowledge about the blue depths in a responsible, considerate and sustainable manner. Our unmanned USEA vessel and our fully automated system (uLARS) for operating autonomous underwater drones will revolutionize the collection of ocean data.

The ocean is teeming with life and biodiversity that provide us with essential resources. It can also help us solve challenges of the future. But it must happen in a sustainable way. For that we need critical information for maritime industries. We need data.


The USEA pioneers are brave, reliable, innovative and solution orientated.

We have an ambitious plan for our operations – always with the goal of contributing to a greater cause in the process. That’s why we claim that we map the blue depths for a greener future. That’s our purpose.